Animals warning

On the roads, crossings of wild animals are the cause of many accidents.

To prevent them, the development of a biological corridor is now feasible. It means safety together with hassle free travels for animals.

On several hundred meters, corresponding to the animal road crossing area, a set of sensors is installed. They are placed on the road side in order to detect animals before crossing. These sensors combine cameras and electronic fences that run day and night. Sensor fusion algorithms developed by neavia provide high detection reliability together with a very low false detection rate.

At the ends of the passageway, radio controlled lighted signs warn motorists that they may encounter an animal. The technology developed by Neavia is fully wireless. It is powered by a small solar panel and communicates by radio.

It can be easily and quickly deployed and turned on. Optionally, cameras can provide video clips on detections, and enrich the knowledge of animals movements.