EagleVia is a high performance and low-consumtion platform dedicated to road traffic surveillance. EagleVia can be set up on a pole at a height corresponding to the application aimed at. EagleVia is based on an advances traffic sensor, analyzing videos and sounds coming from the road.

Thanks to a real time data treatment of these sources of information, EagleVia detects vehicles, measures their speed, on which lane they are driving, and classifies them between trucks and cars. These parameters are provided either on the video interface, or on the electrical interface.

JPEG pictures are taken for each event and sent at a rate up to 1 image per second. In case of alarm, loads of images illustrating the situation before and after it happened are broadcasted. EagleVia can be equipped with congestion detection functions, incident detection and wrong way driver detection.

EagleVia on A86 Highway, France