Since 2010, Neavia has been working for several dozen of customers in various areas :

               Cities and Councils : Isère , Cote d’ Armor, Moselle , Loire-Atlantique , Vaucluse, Charentes, Guadeloupe…

               Large infrastructure managers: Interdepartmental Directions of roads, Aéroports de Paris

               Highway Companies : APRR, Cofiroute, SAPN, ATMB, HighWay Agency ( UK )

               Car Manufacturers and suppliers: PSA, Renault , Hitachi, Volvo

               Research Institutes : Cerema, IFSTTAR

 From the outset, Neavia offers its customers reliable solutions which are also adapted to the particular conditions of use in the field. Each project is designed and led by an expert team, offering facilities to the standard solution, whenever relevant, and ensuring compliance within budget .

Beyond project design and implementation (for Neavia or authorized partners ), Neavia generally assumes hardware and software maintenance of the proposed solution.

 The Neavia solutions are also present internationally:

                In Luxembourg : Monitoring of the road traffic, statistical analysis , detection of incidents / Stoppers,                                                                    Communication PMV (Administration of Roads and Bridges )

                In Canada: Traffic Monitoring (Ministry of Transportation of Alberta )

                In the Netherlands : Traffic Monitoring  ( Ministry of Roads and Canals )

                In Sweden: Vehicles / Infrastructure Communication