• Traffic Management

Reinvent Mobility with Neavia

Safety – Free flow - Community

Roads, highways, urban roads, shared lanes , railways ... The imperatives of safety and free flow are felt with an increasing pressure where the accident is preventable, where the delay is unpardonable and where the information is expected by the users.

Neavia has a unique mastership of multi-sensor detection, data acquisition devices, embedded processing, critical information transmission to communication platforms. Being always at the service of infrastructure managers , Neavia improves their duty .

Compared to standard detection schemes, Neavia’s technology improves the reliability of detection rates by 300%. Its flexibility makes its solutions compatible with a wide variety of professional information channels ( BI platforms, integrated information systems ) or acceptable by individual end usersl (web interfaces, smartphone apps , SMS) .

Fewer accidents , less traffic jams, less uncertainty on the road.

Reinvent mobility with Neavia : Safety, freeflow , Community.