Neavia Unveils World’s First V2X Pedestrian Warning Solution

GAYDON (U.K.), Oct. 27th, 2016

During the general meeting of the Car 2 Car Consortium, Neavia Technologies, part of LACROIX Group unveils a new integrated solution bringing early alerts to vehicle drivers, when pedestrians may become a danger to the vehicle. The solution is based on RoadLINKTM V2X (vehicle-to-x) communications technology from NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI).

With this solution, vehicles equipped with V2X technology can automatically receive alerts when pedestrians are crossing or about to cross a road. This represents a significant step forwards for road safety: In many situations, pedestrians are not visible by to car drivers.
They can be hidden due to the road configuration, or by other vehicles.
They can also be less visible in case of fog, or under poor lighting conditions. In those situations vehicles’ ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are less relevant, or reacting extremely late.

This solution combines a pedestrian detector and a road side V2X communication unit. Pedestrian detection is achieved through the smart and connected Neavia EcoCam Plus camera.
Upon detection the camera sends an alert message to the Cooperative and Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) road side unit Neavia V2I Station. Hence, upon detection a warning is sent to all relevant vehicles, instantly and securely.
Indeed, the Neavia V2I station, which is embedding the NXP RoadLINK chipset, broadcasts the associated Decentralized Emergency Notification Message in accordance with 802.11p and ETSI standards. Additionally, thanks to NXP Hardware Security Module, the solution is fully secured and compatible with advanced PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).
Compact and with low-power consumption, this V2I station can also be powered by a solar panel thus making it fully autonomous.
It can be deployed easily and with minimum installation cost even where no main power is available.

RoadLINK technology is based on IEEE 802.11p wireless communication protocol which is proven by ten years of testing by multiple European, U.S. government, and professional institutions. 802.11p wireless protocol compared to slower and less reliable cellular networks allows the RoadLINK solution to deliver deterministic performance for safety-critical applications, whilst providing higher levels of security and privacy protection.

This solution is an element of Neavia’s smart crossroad solution, leveraging the value of V2X technology through Signal and Phase Timing broadcast, Signal Violation alerts and Pedestrian Crossing alerts.
This solution provides additional safety levels for V2X technology users, by warning the car driver at the right time, or allowing the car to make the right decision through its processor,. Moreover, V2X technology will be required on all autonomous vehicles to further reduce accidents and by providing earlier warning under emergency braking.

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