FoxVia is a multi-technology radar designed specifically for events detection. According to configuration, it provides an alarm information among wrong way driver detection, congestion detection or overspeed detection. Upon request, it also returns measurements such as counts and speeds.

FoxVia is to be installed roadside perpendicular to the detection point. A plate that came with the radar allows mounting by cerclage, and horizontal and vertical orientation adjustments.

FoxVia analyses traffic in different directions according to a proprietary algorithm, covering a field of 120 °. The embedded software eliminates lures and echoes that skew measurement and detection.

FoxVia is designed in the spirit of sustainable development, and only requires 1 watt power, allowing thus solar panel power feeding.

An optional software module managing multiple FoxVia radars detects stopped vehicles in the covered area. A second software module is used to assess the length of a queue.